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One Voice = One Fold and One Shepherd Booklet Cover
One Fold = One Fold and One Shepherd

No. 10     ONE VOICE = ONE FOLD AND ONE SHEPHERD:   When you hear a teaching that you know was taught by Jesus, but is not taught in the church you attend, do you come out of her and follow the voice of truth? Many people today will never have eternal life with the Christ, because they do not come out and align themselves withthe voice of truth and life. 

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Distinctive Marks of the Church of God Booklet Cover
Distinctive Marks of the Church of God

No. 11     DISTINCTIVE MARKS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD:   The sciptures distinctively inform us how we can identify God's assembly. Sad to say, most people will not work (study) for eternal life, because they have been told "As long as you go to the church of your choice, you are saved." The people who believe this philosophy are being deceived into believing a lie.

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The Name Christian Booklet Cover
The Name Christian

No. 12     THE NAME CHRISTIAN:   You ask practically any person who belongs to a Christian denomination what they are called. They will answer, "I am an Anglican" or "I am a Catholic" or "I am a Baptist" and so on, unless they are speaking to someone of another religion. The one name that they should be most proud to bear, in most instances, they do not. Why was this name chosen and what is its definition?

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The Name Church of God Booklet Cover
The Name Church of God

No. 13     THE NAME CHURCH OF GOD:   What is the name of the universal assembly of God's (YHVH) church. In todays world it is hard to know with all of the hundreds of different church names. The Bible gives a name to those assemblies which are gathered together into his Son, Jesus. Also find out what the church name represents.

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The Denial of Jesus' Name Booklet Cover
The Denial of Jesus' Name

No. 14     THE DENIAL OF JESUS' NAME:   There are a group of people who claim to bear his name. Making the defense, they do not because so many of the Christian denominations who use it, follow heathen practices. Read what the scriptures say about this matter.

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The Church Structure Booklet Cover
The Church Structure

No. 15     THE CHURCH STRUCTURE:   With the coming age of the computer many Christians are propagating the notion that Jesus never built a church. All can stay at home and click into the computer for your salvation. Jesus' church was no lazy sit at home church. This booklet will show how Jesus planned a well organized church with his disciples carrying on the work.

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Some Historical Facts About the Title Christian Booklet Cover
Some Historical Facts About the Title Christian

No. 54     SOME HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT THE TITLE CHRISTIAN:   Many theologians and clergy make the claim the early Christians were first called Nazarenes and Galileans. Historical records show that the early followers of Jesus, after being called disciples and saints, were given their first title name after their Christ, Christian (believer, follower of the Christ).

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