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Who is God's Christ (Anointed) Booklet Cover
Who is God's Christ (Anointed)

No. 88     WHO IS GOD'S CHRIST? (ANOINTED):   This booklet, beginning with the Old Testament, shows us the promises and signs that point to the characteristics of he who would be God's chosen One to fulfill His Will of what mankind should be in behavioural character. The New Testament declares that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, is that true prophet of God and no one else. 

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The Christ Booklet Cover
The Christ

No. 89     THE CHRIST:   What does the Christ represent? We know, from the Old Testament, that God would call out, from the tribe of Judah, a prophet to bring the Jews and Gentiles back to what God had first created mankind to be in nature. But, what would those God-given attributes be, that would make us aware of that person who is the One and only, Christ of God?

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