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Directory of Free Booklets - Tithes

Jacob's Vow Booklet Cover
Jacob's Vow

No. 70     JACOB'S VOW:   It is common practice, among clergy who believe in the tithing system, to tell their congregation that if they do not pay tithes (ten percent) to the church, that they are robbing God. This writing shows that those who follow God's Christ are not uncer the law to pay by the tithing system.

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The Levite's Inheritance Booklet Cover
The Levite's Inheritance

No. 71     THE LEVITES INHERITANCE:   What is one of the reasons that the hierachy of the Christian church has not a legitimate biblical reason for receiving tithes? The scriptures say there is only one tribe that can receive the tithe. This booklet explains what tribe of Hebrews wer to receive the tithe.

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From an Old to a New Booklet Cover
From an Old to a New

No. 72     FROM AN OLD TO A NEW:   With the establishment of a new priesthood under the Christ of God, was the old system of tithing to be transferred? Was Abraham paying a tithe when he gave 10 percent of the spoils from the battle of the kings to Melchezidic, king and highpriest of Salem? This booklet will answer all these questions for you.

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A Cheerful Giver Booklet Cover
A Cheerful Giver

No. 73     A CHEERFUL GIVER:   Because Christians are free from the tithing system, does this mean they are free from their obligation in supporting the church, by helping the poor, the aged and the ministry of God? Find out how our new liberty makes us accountable through free-will giving, making us prove daily our love of God and neighbour.

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The Pharisaic Tithing Vow Booklet Cover
The Pharisaic Tithing Vow

No. 74     THE PHARISAIC TITHING VOW:   This booklet speaks specifically about the Pharisees and their strict observance of keeping the tithing law by bonding themselves to it by a personal vow. Yet, many Christian clergy today still use verses pertaining solely to the Pharisees to make their congregation believe that they are still under the tithing system to this day.

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Directory of Free Booklets - Festivals

The Magi Booklet Cover
The Magi

No. 80     THE MAGI:   The wise men in the Bible were Magi from the east. The main-stream churches have given a false impression of them and have created many fables of their lives. Did the star actually guide the Magi right to Bethlehem? Was Jesus still a babe by the time the Magi arrived and how far was the journey from the east to Bethlehem?

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Xmas Tree Booklet Cover
Xmas Tree

No. 81     XMAS TREE:   The worship of trees goes back to just about the beginning of time. This includes nearly all the nations and religions of the world. What do the scriptures say about God's people giving adoration to wooden trees, and in doing so, are we following the traditions of our heathen ancestors?

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The 25th of December Booklet Cover
The 25th of December

No. 82     THE 25th OF DECEMBER:   Christians today are taught, from childhood, that Jesus was born on December 25th. Is this day mentioned anywhere in the New Testament as being Jesus' birthday? Do the scriptures tell us when Jesus was born? And, if not, how did December 25th come about to be the birthday of Jesus?

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Santa Claus Booklet Cover
Santa Claus

No. 83     SANTA CLAUS:   Who is Santa Claus and what did he originate from? In most instances, fictitious characters are descended from someone who existed in the past or from fables. In this booklet, we read how heathen customs and legends exhibit the character of this make-believe person.

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